Thursday, July 15  |  1:00PM

Novack Concert for Kids: Nia Imani Franklin CIA at Copia

Doors open at 12:30 pm

Nia Imani Franklin, composer, vocalist, and 2019 Miss America, performs songs ranging from opera to pop, her new single EarthSun, and other works in this free Concert for Kids. This performance is followed by a Q&A session with Franklin.


Novack Concerts for Kids are intended for families with children and school-aged children participating in day camps. Adults may only attend if they are accompanied by a child or a group of children. For more information or group reservations, please email or call our box office.



Nia Imani Franklin
Nia Imani Franklin

Nia Franklin was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and lived in the state through graduate school. She earned an undergraduate degree in composition from East Carolina University, and a master’s in fine arts from The University of North Carolina’s School of the Arts. She was crowned Miss America 2019 in September of 2018.



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