Patron Dinner at Trinchero Family Estates

In 1948 Mario Trinchero and his family made their way west to build a better life. They purchased an abandoned Prohibition-era winery in St. Helena, refurbished it, and scraped by as a mom-and-pop operation. Seven decades later, Trinchero Family Estates is one of the largest family-owned wine companies in the United States. From creating the world’s first White Zinfandel, to overseeing a portfolio of over 50 global wine and spirits brands, to committing itself to sustainable farming and innovative philanthropy —Trinchero has always been a leader and pioneer.

The family’s passion for the land, the community, and for world-class wine are the spirit of tonight’s dinner, hosted by Trinchero’s Principal and Vice Chairman Robert “Bob” Torres and his wife Maria. Guests will be treated to a multicourse dinner in the beautiful fountain courtyard of their 22-acre estate, paired with Trinchero Napa Valley’s estate-grown, small lot wines.


Trinchero Napa Valley

One of the world’s largest family-run wineries in the US, Trinchero Family Estates was founded in 1947 by Italian immigrant Mario Trinchero. From introducing the world’s first Wine Zinfandel, to overseeing a portfolio of over 45 global wine and spirits brands from the heart of Napa Valley, in St. Helena, Trinchero has been a leader in the industry, committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainable farming, and innovative philanthropy.

Trinchero Napa Valley