Our Donors


Festival Napa Valley acknowledges with appreciation its generous supporters. Gifts help ensure the innovative programming and community-wide cultural activities presented throughout Napa Valley each year, and support the festival’s arts education and audience-building initiatives.

Reflects gifts and grants received or pledged for the current fiscal year, as well as contributions from the 2021 Arts for All Gala. 

Gifts of $500,000 and above

Tatiana and Gerret Copeland

Olivia Hsu Decker

Gordon Getty

Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem

Gifts of $250,000 TO $499,999

Athena and Timothy Blackburn

Darioush and Shahpar Khaledi

Kenneth and Deborah Novack

Gifts of $150,000 to $249,999

  Antonio and Rita Castellucci

Robert and Maria Torres

Gifts of $100,000 to $149,999

Kelley and Jim Bailey

Kathleen McIntosh and Michael Covarrubias

Julie and Frank Husic

Maggie and Stephen Oetgen

Mary Beth and David Shimmon

LeighAnne and Anthony Torres

Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999

 Robin and Michelle Baggett

Suzanne Deal Booth

Leslie and Rich Frank

Pepper and Michael Jackson

Pam and Richard Kramlich

Sabrina and Timothy Persson

Steven and Claire Stull

W. Clarke and Elizabeth Swanson

Stephanie and Carlo Trinchero

Janet Effland and William Urbach

Michael Uytengsu

Gifts of $20,000 to $49,999

Romana Bracco

Carmen Castro-Franceschi and Greg Franceschi

Priscilla and Keith Geeslin

Tonia Modic and Bruce Gray

Audrey and Paul Hanneman

Malin Giddings and Richard Hechler

Penny and Ron Mallen

Jan McAdoo

Tina and Jeffrey Miller

Semira and Mark Moshayedi

Theresa Kepic and Frank Naeymi-Rad

Kathleen Martinez Nazar and José Luis Nazar

Elizabeth and Dennis O'Rourke

Maryam and Hooshang Pak

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Paul Pelosi

Ali Razi

Amy and Matt Rogers

Olga and Miguel Solares

Janet and John Trefethen

Jennifer and Alan Varela

Elyse and David Walker

Anne and Roger Walther

Gifts of $10,000 to $19,999

Lauren Ackerman

Veronica and Chris Ashworth

Emily and David Breach

Kathy Chan

Alice Corning

Mary and Bill Dodd

Kay and Stephen Fike

Vishal Grover

Kathryn and Craig Hall

Cristina Salas-Porras and Lee Hudson

Valeria and Agustin Huneeus

Elaine Sczuka and Rick Jones

Gorretti and Lawrence Lui

Diane and Rick Mazer

Paula Key and John Murphy

Jeanne Montague and Chad Overway

David and Linnea Pearson

Tracy Dockray Rudd and Mark Rudd

Katy and Michael Saei

Nancy and Joe Schoendorf

Roseanne and Charlie Simpson

Carla and Dan Verdoorn

Brigitta and Mark Whiting

Lisa and Todd Zabelle

Mahvash and Farrok Yazdi

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Sandy and David Asheim

Amanda and Paul Bania

Diana Bersohn

Virginia and Mark Brenman

Patty and Bill Brunetti

Julie Coplon

Mary Ann Sebastiani Cuneo and Richard Cuneo

Naoko Dalla Valle

Sandy and Mike Davis

Becky and Tommy Drake

Spencer Dress

Elaine Ellman

Latife Hayson

Gina and Ryan Lund

Larry and Karen Maguire

Pam and Jack Preston

Peter Read

Sally Yu and Jeff Shen

Heidi Zak and David Spector

Shari and Garen Staglin

Janni and Leonard Stein

Pat Stull

Kristin Sorensen and Danny Tran

Julie and Jeremy Veit

Karen and Rick Walker

Anita Wornick

Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Alison Corning

John Zaffarano and Tom Davila

Deborah and John Evans

Elizabeth Gard and Thomas Furlong

Gerold Grodsky

Kim and Greg Hext

Celia and Kedreth Hogan

Jane and Robert Inch

Lynne and Dennis Jilot

Choolwe Kalulu

Mary and Jason Kinney

Larry Kurzweil

Elizabeth and Randy Lusky

Lauren and Brian Mackin

Jilian Manus

Beth Nickel

Nava and Peter O’Sullivan

Molly and Austin Pollet

Yvette Robbins

Nathalie Diamantis and Scott Rosen

Alfie Royo

Shannon and Richard Salvestrin

Sara Steingart

Sonia Tolbert

Marimar Torres

Suzanne and Richard Webster

John Zaffarano

Gifts of $500 to $2,499

Michele and Stephen Altman

Minal Amin

Marion and Joe Betz

Linda and Don Blank

Lissa Gibbs and Peter Borck

Philana Bouvier-Freeman

Sarah and Ryan Brennan

Hafsa Burt

Judith and Jay Caldwell

Tina and Christopher Carpenter

Valerie Evans

Ginger Martin Favero and Fred Favero

Elizabeth Fullerton

DJ Fly Hendrix

Emily Charlson and Mark Herrero

Ingrid Hills

Jon Holman

Linda Horioka

Daru Kawalkowski and Alton Irby

Kim and Dan Johnson

Kelly Kaplan

Kristine Klussman

Sue Kuehn

Unhui and Victor Kwok

Marie and Barry Lipman

Jennifer and David Long

Alfred Mandel

Karie La Mountain

Bill Nagel

Kim Noltemy

Irene and Edward Ojdana

Nora Quattrin

Lily Samii

Pravin Shah

Jag Soni

Trish Stephens

Diana and Scott Stowe

Kristi Symon

Kimberly and Robert Talley

Maria Triska

Lilian Tsai

Peter VanArsdale

Hilary Vartarian

Michelle Wagner

Christine and John Wall

Kim Hastie and Timothy Welch

Diana and Todd Zapolski

Fariba and Iraj Zolnasr

GIFTS OF $100 TO $499

Reid Bergsund

L’Ann Bingham

James Schull and Richard Buth

Dennis Chan

Brian Combs

Kimberly Hughes

Nicole Marino

Monica and Michael McKeever

Norma Neil

Heidi and Bryan Pay

Nancy Quinn

Robert Ripps

Joseph Roberts

Charlene Steen

Chris Valentini