Our Donors


Festival Napa Valley acknowledges with appreciation its generous supporters. Gifts help ensure the innovative programming and community-wide cultural activities presented throughout Napa Valley each year, and support the Festival’s arts education and audience-building initiatives.

Reflects current gifts and grants received or pledged as well as contributions from the 2022 Arts for All Gala.

Gifts of $500,000 and above

Tatiana and Gerret Copeland

Olivia Hsu Decker

Gordon Getty

Nan Parks and Wayne Koucurek

Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem

Gifts of $250,000 to $499,999

Athena and Timothy Blackburn

  Antonio and Rita Castellucci

Kathleen Martinez Nazar and José Luis Nazar

Kenneth and Deborah Novack

Leslie and Rich Frank

Robert and Maria Torres

Gifts of $150,000 to $249,999

Orna and David Delrahim

Cristina Salas-Porras and Lee Hudson

Suzanne Deal Booth and LeMel Humes

Mary Beth and David Shimmon

Michael and Tara Uytengsu

Gifts of $100,000 to $149,999

Kathleen McIntosh and Michael Covarrubias

Candice Uytengsu Hamilton

Darioush and Shahpar Khaledi

Theresa Kepic and Frank Naeymi-Rad

Steven and Claire Stull

Janet Effland and William Urbach

Vida and Paul Vazin

Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999


Kelley and Jim Bailey

 Robin and Michelle Baggett

Romana Bracco

Craig and Kathryn Hall 

Agustin and Valeria Huneeus

Julie and Frank Husic

Jane and Bert Inch

Pepper and Michael Jackson

Charles R. Johnson

Pam and Richard Kramlich

 Beth and David Marks 

Maggie and Stephen Oetgen

Elizabeth Segerstrom

Katy and Michael Saei

Bonnie Uytengsu

Gifts of $20,000 to $49,999

The Ashe Family Trust

Veronica and Chris Ashworth

Alice Corning

Kay and Steven Fike

Carmen Castro-Franceschi and Greg Franceschi

Valérie and Jeff Gargiulo

Lehn and Ritch Goetz

Latife Hayson

Brooke and Abe Marouf

Dana and Doug McKellar

Tina and Jeffrey Miller

Semira and Mark Moshayedi

Maryam and Hooshang Pak

Sabrina and Timothy Persson

Patty and Eric Poppe

Ali Razi

Dr. Raymond and Nadira Schinazi

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Paul Pelosi

Kevin and Theresa Smith

Jane and Larry Solomon

W. Clarke and Elizabeth Swanson

Tania and Ardie Tavangarian

Jayne and Bill Termaat

Janet and John Trefethen

Anne and Roger Walther

Elyse and David Walker

Karin and Paul Wick 

Gifts of $10,000 to $19,999

Lauren Ackerman

Denise Adams

Sharon and Richard Allen

Randy Barnard

Barbara Brown

Steph and Tim Busch

Julie Coplon

Naoko Dalle Valle

Elizabeth and Doug Dupilsea

Tonia Modic and Bruce Gray

Maureen and John Herr

Ursula Hess

Sandra Jordan

Ellen Chen and Dan Lee

Susan and Robert Lieff

Penny and Ron Mallen

Dayna Manning

Debra and Paul Miller 

Arjon Mucejani

Paula Key and John Murphy

Anja and William Morton

Beth Nickel

Mary and Bill Poland

Cindy Padnos and Jim Redmond 

Sotheby's International Realty

Sandra and Gary Schnitzer

Katie and Eric Stille

Julie and Jeremy Veit

Pat Stull

Jennifer and Alan Varela

Julie and Jeremy Veit

Karen and Rick Walker

Kim Hastie and Timothy Welch 

Mahvash and Farrok Yazdi

Debbie and Mike Zeiden

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Carlin and Jack Anton

Sandy and David Asheim

Amanda and Paul Bania

John Henry Martin and Christopher Barefoot

Diana Bersohn

Cynthia and Randy Bigony

Virginia and Mark Brenman

Laura Long Bystrowski and Edward Bystrowski

Judith and Jay Caldwell

Mary and Michael Carreno

Cynthia A. Castillo

Blakesley and Cyril Chappellet 

Jacqueline and Erik Christman

Larry Delan

Becky Drake

Neal and Evan Ellman

Valerie Evans

Ginger Martin Favero and Fred Favero

Heidi Gerber

Gwen and Michael Goodman

Mary and James Henderson 

Maggie and Jim Hornung

Kimberly Hughes

Susan and Robert Kresek

Cliff Lede

Gina and Ryan Lund

Cynthia Lynn

Mary and Terry MacRae

Carol and Philip Norfleet

Megan Siletti O'Block

Jeanne Montague and Chad Overway

Mary Palmer

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi

Lynn and Ed Poole

Trudi and David Pollack

Debbie and Roger Reynolds

Nathalie Diamantis and Scott Rosen

Carole and Jack Scalo

Eileen and Steve Schloss

Joann Serafini

Sally Yu and Jeff Shen

Beverly and Arvind Sodhani

Janni and Leonard Stein

Mona Tavss

Sarah Wallin 

Sinfonia Gulfcoast Group

Suzanne and Richard Webster

Brigitta and Mark Whiting

Anita Wornick

Michelle Chambless and David Yoda

Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Minal Amin

Clara and Marty Ardron

Nancy Brown

Nancy and Fred Cline

Darryl and Tracy Curry

Kristine and Ben Dollard

Christina and Mark Hanson

Linda Horioka

Nor Jemjemian

Joe Leinaker

Megan and Jake Kloberdanz

Mary Lou and Bob Maier

Andrea and Ronald Marano

Leigh and Harry Olivar

Kitty Payne

Michael Polenske

Sally Saedi Rahmani and Frank Rahmani 

Thomas Rolleri 

Afie Royo

Joseph Saveri

Roseanne and Charlie Simpson

Olga and Miguel Solares 

Sara Steingart

Trish Stephens

Tracy and Jim Sweeney

Maria Triska

Jill Toth

Lilian Tsai

David Tucker

Hilary and Anthony Wayne

Salle Yoo

Gifts of $500 to $2,499

Hans Anderson

Damien Archbold

Candi Bagby

Jessica Baldwin

Cynthia and Rob Birmingham

Linda and Don Blank

Lissa Gibbs and Peter Borck

Hilary Vartanian and Andy Borinstein

Laura Bourne

Diana Burroughs

Karen Cakebread

Tina and Christopher Carpenter

Remy Cohen

Jay Dweck

Akiko Ken Freeman

Janie and Jeff Green

Mai Hariu-Powell

Malin Giddings and Richard Hechler

Rim Hinckley

Kim and Dan Johnson

Kim Lee

Vickie Edwards and Oren Lewin

Carol and Greg Lindstrom

Teresa and Mark Medearis

Mercedes and Pedro Madero

Lisa and Paul Mannion

Anne Marie and Stephen Massocca

Cynthia and Keith May

Katherine Miree

Alycia Mondavi

Leslie and David Moreland

Cynthia Munoz

Judi and Robert Newman

Gina and Larry Nibbi

Vishal Saluja and Ranjit Pradhan

Nicole Rallis

Lily Samii

Nikki Severson

Monica Smiley

John Smyth

Jan Sommers

Kate and Steve Spadarotto

Liz and Michael Thach

 Mark Veich

Amy Weaver 

Peter Webster

GIFTS OF $100 TO $499

Ronald Appel

Maral Artinian

Wayne Barbin

Joanna Beck

Robert Bernstein

Michael Borck

James Brady 

Lauren Brown

Emily Bruton

Nisha Choksi

Julianna Clevenger

Stewart Corchiani

Dale Craig 

Ken DeJarnette

Valerie Diamond

Sid Dinsay

Valarie Dunn

Aaron Dworkin

Tracey Early

Lorre Erlick 

Ken Fischer

James Flesher

Melissa Francis 

Hannah Foster

Michael Griffiths

Vin Gupta

Elizabeth Gwennap

Alexandra Haslip

Kyoichi Hazumi

Carole Hedgewood

Larry Heit

William Hunt

Lei Huang

Christopher Hynes

John Jacobsson

Eric Jennings

Alexander Jilla

Jennifer Kandel

Roy Kim 

Ishikane Kimihiro

Ava and Fallon King 

Paul Knopp

Casey Kohlberg

Robert Kornegay

Natasha Kremer

Domingo Laguitan

Sharon Lampton

Kathy Latta

Helen Lee

Kathie Lopez

Masaaki Maeda

Scott McDonald 

Daniel McFadden

Monica and Michael McKeever

Julia McKeithan

Laurie Mcnally

Gene McSweeney

Charles Melvin III

Connie Phillip and Henry Miller

Evelyn Miller-Suber

Will Moon 

Seiji Mori

Margaret Ann Munday

Sarah Norris 

Donna Onaga

Brian Persico

Joan Pharr

Tracey H. Pleasant

Blake Price 

Betty and Ron Profili

Charles Rashall

Kristi Reed

Valerie and Nick Roger 

Lili Rosenkranz

Sarah Sherman

Gena Smith 

Denise Spaulding 

Olga Statz

Charlene Steen

Jonelle Strickland

Eric Storey

Rina Sugai

Paul Szurek

Marianna Tarantur

Donna Tate

David Taub

Jane Andersen and Mike Timpane

Jim Tinson

Jacqueline Tompkins

Dennis Tracz

Chris Valentini

Vanessa Waldner

Robert Waller

Barbara Walkowski

Susan and Pak Warfield 

Megan Washel

Cydney Williams 

Margaret Williams

Ismael Wrixen

Henry Ye

Helena Zeng