Our Donors


Festival Napa Valley acknowledges with appreciation its generous supporters. Gifts help ensure the innovative programming and community-wide cultural activities presented throughout Napa Valley each year, and support the festival’s arts education and audience-building initiatives.

Reflects gifts and grants received or pledged for the current fiscal year, as well as contributions from the 2019 Arts for All Gala. 

Gifts of $500,000 and above

Ann and Gordon Getty

Maria Manetti Shrem and Jan Shrem

Gifts of $250,000 TO $499,999

Tatiana and Gerret Copeland

Darioush and Shahpar Khaledi

Deborah and Kenneth Novack

Gifts of $150,000 to $249,999

Athena and Timothy Blackburn

Pam and Adam Clingerman

Diane B. Wilsey

Gifts of $100,000 to $149,999

Prescott Ashe

Olivia Hsu Decker

Leslie and Rich Frank

Gorretti and Lawrence Lui

Maggie and Stephen Oetgen

Steven and Claire Stull

Anita and Ron Wornick

Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999

Jessica and Natan Bibliowicz

Suzanne Deal Booth

Antonio and Rita Castellucci

Kathleen McIntosh and Michael Covarrubias

Sandy and Mike Davis

Malin Giddings and Richard Hechler

Pepper and Michael Jackson

Pam and Richard Kramlich

Shirley and Joe LeRoy

Jan McAdoo

Kathleen Martinez Nazar and Jose Luis Nazar

Elena Sysovskaya and Peter Paul

Nancy and Joe Schoendorf

Elizabeth and W. Clarke Swanson

Maria and Robert Torres

Michael Uytengsu

Roger and Anne Walther

Ann Colgin and Joe Wender

Gifts of $20,000 to $49,999

Robin and Michelle Baggett

Christine O'Sulivan and Jim Bean

Carolina and Eduardo Centola

Alice Corning

Kay and Steven Fike

Tania Modic and Bruce Gray

Kathryn and Craig Hall

Audrey and Paul Hanneman

Fiona and Alan Harden

Susie and Anthony Hay

Cristina Salas-Porras and Lee Hudson

Samantha Good and Christopher Kirkham 

Jeffrey Miller

Theresa Kepic and Frank Naeymi-Rad

Maryam and Hooshang Pak, MD

Sabrina and Timothy Persson

Katy and Michael Saei

Betsy and William Shields

Gail and J. Paul Silvestri

Megha and Nirav Tolia

John and Janet Trefethen

Janet Effland and William Urbach

Jennifer and Alan Varela

Gifts of $10,000 to $19,999

Sandy and David Asheim

Rose and Nasser Barabi 

Romana Bracco

Emily and David Breach

Julie Coplon

Naoko Dalla Valle

Lexie Ellsworth

Giner Martin Favero and Fred Favero

Haleh and Dar Gabbay

Priscilla and Keith Geeslin

Latife Hayson

Maureen and John Herr

Agustin and Valeria Huneeus

Kimberly and Dan Johnson

Penny and Ron Mallen

Andrea and Donald Marano

Paula Key and John Murphy

Janet and Clint Reilly

Marlys and Joseph Saveri

Trish and Don Stephens

Pat Stull

Mary and Philip Stump

Ellen and Stephen Susman 

Anthony and LeighAnne Torres

Delia Viader

Mahvash and Farrok Yazdi

Lois and Andrew Zaro

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999


Lauren Ackerman

Mary Cunningham Agee

Catherine and Michael Bassick

Lorna and Dennis Calas

Jenni Young Lee and Jae Chun

Sharon and Michael Dixon

Martha and Ron Doornink

Carmen Castro-Franceschi and Greg Franceschi

Lehn and Ritch Goetz

Lisa and John Grotts

Vishal Grover

Cecilia and Kedreth Hogan

Elaine Sczuka and Rick Jones

Vivian Kaufman

Anne and Loren Kieve

Susan and Robert Kresek

Cliff Lede

Feysan Lodde

Kelly Nelson

Yurie and Carl Pascarella

David and Linnea Pearson

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Paul Pelosi

Ali Razi

Dario Sattui and Irina Yartseva

Sandra and Gary Schnitzer

Beverly and Arvind Sodhani

Sara Steingart

Anne Kaiser Taylor and Robert Taylor

Kristin Sorensen and Danny Tran

Vida and Paul Vazin

Julie and Jeremy Veit

Karen and Rick Walker

Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Susan and Steve Adamson

Jennifer Sheahan and Ron Amdur

Kathy Chan

Holly and Michael Cuggino

Liz and Eric Feder

Barbara and James Fetherston

Heidi Gerber

Doreen Woo Ho and James Ho

John Holton

Jane and Robert Inch

Gina and Gregg Kirkpatrick

Christine Krenos

Karen LeFrak

Laural and Kevin Lynch 

Larry and Karen Maguire

Karin and Stephen Mattoon

Stuart Miller

Beth Nickel

Farah and Victor Makras

Stuart Miller

Carol and Philip Norfleet

Laura and Patrick Pohlen

Mary and James Powell

Betty and Ron Profili

Leah Recht

Roberta Sherman

Erin and Adam Simms

Jane and Larry Solomon

Mike and Jan Thompson

Tim Tietjen

Mario and Jenifer Trinchero

Steven Volpe

Tonya and Mark Wallace

Diana and Todd Zapolski

Gifts of $500 to $2,499


Elie Abi-Jaoude

Harriet Tregoning and Geoff Anderson

Laurie and Bill Benenson

Byron Bevers

Jennifer and Eric Brown

Sherri and Mark Carter

Mike Casey

Judy and Jin Chang

Margaret Liu and Ted Collins

Jan Young and John Coyle

Gretchen de Baubigny

Judy and Graham Burns

Deborah Keane and Daniel Damond

Natasha and Don Daniels

Shahla Davoudi

Mary and Bill Dodd

Ginger Martin and Fred Favero

Gaby and Mazi Ghorbani

Daniel and Christine Ha 

Caren and Fritz Hatton

Heidi Holzhaur

Margaret Hutchinson

Daru Kawalkowski and Alton Irby

Emily and Eric Isaadore

Gloria Jones

Sandra Jones

Sandra Jordan

Ronald and Janene Kraft

Patti and Gary Lieberstein

Anna and Aria Mehrabi

Celia Carey and Sean Meyer

Brett Muney

Barbara and Marty Nemko

Carol and Philip Norfleet

Dana and Michael Ottwiller

Barb and Bart O’Brien

Heidi Gregory and Andrew O’Dell

Catrina and Peter Paulson

Brenda and Alfredo Pedroza

Tammy Propst

Charles Rashall

Jeanette and Ed Roach

Mayumi and Jack Sakazaki

Monica Savini

Laurie Shelton

Nancy Stagliano

Irene and Travis Stanely

Kathy and Jim Szuch

Brenda Tolbert

Damian Wasserbauer

Roma Wittcoff

Janice and Jonathan Zakin

Fariba and Iraj Zolnasr

GIFTS OF $100 TO $499

Judy Anderson

Kelley Bailey

Karen Broido

Bob Cantrall

Roberta Cook

Karen Craig

Peggy Duly

Catherine Edwards

Anthony Halstead

Laura Hamilton

Kimberly Hughes

Eljean Johnson

Patricia Kiely

Kendra Pressley and Mark Leininger

Joellen and Tony McDonald

James Neary

Donna Onaga

Paul Renne

Eugene Robinson

Isobel Russell

Felicia and Charles Shinnamon

Kathy and Russ Spain

Charlene Steen

Shelley Viviani

Susan and Pack Warfield

Damian Wasserbauer

Sara Wasserbauer