summer 2018 Event Venues

Carneros Resort and Spa

In the gentle hills between Napa and Sonoma, time seems to stand still. This is a place where the old world is not forgotten, where rural charm rules the day, and where everyone lives the good life because it’s the only one they know. Lazy days are spent walking the vineyards or biking the hills. A game of bocce or an al fresco massage helps pass the hours before a sunset so beautiful it makes the heart ache. Fine meals of fresh local fare give way to intimate evening gatherings, often under the endless starry sky. Here, the people are happy and the pace is slow, because as local vintners have told us time and again, you can’t rush perfection.


Vintner's Luncheon at Carneros Resort & Spa

Style takes center stage at this hilltop luncheon at the chic Carneros Resort & Spa. From the breathtaking views of the lush, verdant hills and vineyards, to the winding garden paths on the property’s 27 acres of gorgeous grounds, to the farm-to-table dishes crafted by noted executive chef Aaron Meneghelli, the Carneros Resort & Spa feels at once like it’s honoring the past while remaining thoroughly, mindfully modern.

Vintner's Luncheon at Carneros Resort & Spa