Event Venues

Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega, a family-owned, boutique winery on the Rutherford Bench in the heart of Napa Valley, began its journey in 2006 to be recognized as one of the great wine estates in the world. Founded by Robin and Michelle Baggett, Alpha Omega handcrafts Bordeaux-style wines made with prized grapes from its own vineyards and historic vineyards throughout Napa Valley. Winemaker Henrik Poulsen and world-renowned consultants Jean Hoefliger and Michel Rolland create world-class wines that uniquely express the essence of this famous wine region. Surrounded by fountains, vineyards and mountains, the beauty of this modern, farm-style winery is as captivating as its wine.


Season Finale at Alpha Omega

What’s music to the ears? A season finale that simultaneously supports, energizes, and inspires the ethos of Festival Napa Valley. This closing private jazz and bluegrass concert by the celebrated violinist Tessa Lark with pianist/accordionist Sam Reider and bodacious barbecue at Robin and Michelle Baggetts’ beauty of a winery, Alpha Omega, promises just that.

Season Finale at Alpha Omega