Friday, April 05  |  11:00AM

Concert for Kids: Aldo and Ilmar López-Gavilán at Jarvis Conservatory

Invitation Only

Aldo and Ilmar bring their unforgettable sounds to Festival Napa Valley’s first Concert for Kids of the season. The brothers will perform for the students of Camille Creek Community School, whose mission is to empower Napa’s most disenfranchised youth toward a productive future through restorative relationships, individualized instruction and inspiring opportunities for growth.

Concert for Kids is an exclusive private concert and bilingual interactive session featuring Festival Napa Valley artists.


Aldo López-Gavilán
Aldo López-Gavilán

Aldo López-Gavilán is a brilliant Cuban classical pianist and a renowned master of improvisation. Beginning his career as an acclaimed child prodigy (in composition as well as performance), he has performed around the world, won numerous awards, and recorded six albums.



Jarvis Conservatory

Utilizing a grant from the Jarvis family, the Conservatory began operation in downtown Napa in 1995, providing training and support for artists. The 220-seat Conservatory, described as a jewel of a theater and an acoustic marvel, is dedicated to serious art forms not often available in other places, and at the same time, art forms relating to the large Hispanic community of Napa.
Jarvis Conservatory