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Tamber Bey

Tamber Bey believes exceptional winemaking begins in the vineyard, where they cultivate site-specific wines that have captured the spotlight of critical acclaim. Their stableside wine tastings invite guests to explore their acclaimed portfolio in an equestrian setting, all enhanced by their warm hospitality. Experience the passion in every sip and uncover new discoveries with each visit to Tamber Bey.


July 16, 2024

Vintner's Luncheon at
Tamber Bey

As soon as guests pass through the main gate at Sundance Ranch and follow the paddock-lined driveway to Tamber Bey, they know they’ve arrived somewhere special. A horse farm with a winery, a winery that is home to horses – either way, it is unique.

Vintner's Luncheon at^Tamber Bey