Vintner's Luncheon at B Cellars

B Cellars has long been celebrated for its commitment to exceptional food and wine experiences. This legacy can be traced back to the fateful day in 2002 when co-founders Jim Borsack and Duffy Keys met at a Fourth of July barbecue, where they bonded over their shared love of Cabernet Sauvignon and their dream of crafting complex, perfectly balanced, artisanal wines. With the help of acclaimed winemaker Kirk Venge, once hailed by Food & Wine magazine as "One of the Top 20 New Winemakers in the World," they turned that dream into reality.

Dining with the stunning backdrop of the Napa Valley, guests at today’s luncheon will experience the artistry and craftsmanship that make B Cellars a true standout in the region. 

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B Cellars

The B Cellars name and logo stand for a commitment to seasonless excellence. The letter ‘b’ and the degree symbol º refer to BRIX, a wine term which defines the optimal sugar/alcohol content in grape juice that indicates the potential for greatness. B Cellars is committed to the artisan approach, creating perfectly balanced and complex wines. 

B Cellars