Since inception in 2006, Festival Napa Valley's growth and success has been made possible by the support of generous patrons, a dedicated board of directors, and the Napa community including prominent vintners and leading hotels and resorts.


Gifts help ensure the innovative programming and community-wide cultural activities presented throughout Napa Valley each summer, and support the festival's arts education and audience-building initiatives.


For more information, contact Tessa Edwards, Development Manager, at 707-927-3546, or via email.

Major Benefactors

Gifts of $350,000 and above

Ann and Gordon Getty

Maria Manetti Shrem and Jan Shrem

Gifts of $250,000 and above

Tatiana and Gerret Copeland

Gifts of $100,000 and above

Prescott Ashe

Athena and Timothy Blackburn

Suzanne Deal Booth

Kathleen McIntosh and Michael Covarrubias

Orna and David Delrahim

José Luis Nazar

Maggie and Stephen Oetgen

Michael Uytengsu

Anne and Roger Walther

Diane B. Wilsey

Gifts of $50,000 and above

Michelle and Robin Baggett

Rita and Antonio Castellucci

Darioush and Shahpar Khaledi

Pam and C. Richard Kramlich

Shirley and Joe LeRoy

Goretti and Lawrence Lui

Catherine Marcus and Michael Bassick

Jan and Greg McAdoo

Claire and Steven Stull

Elizabeth and Clarke Swanson


Reflects gifts and grants received or pledged since October 1, 2016, as well as 2016 Festival Napa Valley auction contributions.



Gifts of $25,000 and above

Emily and David Breach

Alice Corning

Naoko Dalla Valle

Lynn and Steve Dugas

Carmen Castro-Franceschi and Greg Franceschi

Christopher Green

Susie and Anthony Hay

Agustin and Valeria Huneeus

Pepper and Michael Jackson

Elaine Sczuka and Rick Jones

Deborah and Kenneth Novack

Maryam and Hooshang Pak, MD

Sabrina and Timothy Persson

Katy and Michael Saei

Betsy and William Shields

Julie Teel

Maria and Robert Torres

Jennifer and Alan Varela

Vida and Paul Vazin

Anita and Ron Wornick

Joon Yun

Gifts of $15,000 and above

Jim Basile

Christine O'Sullivan and Jim Bean

Ann Colgin

Janet Effland and Bill Urbach

Barbara and James Fetherston

Ellen and Stephen Susman

Janet and John Trefethen

Corinna White

Gifts of $10,000 and above

Sloan and Roger Barnett

Be Here Farm + Nature

Jessica and Natan Bibliowicz

Molly Chappallet

Pamala and Ted Deikel

Dagmar Dolby

Kay and Steven Fike

Judy and Richard Guggenhime

Amb. Kathryn Walt Hall and Craig Hall

Latife Hayson

John Hurly and Justin Hafen

Penny and Ron Mallen

Linnea and David Pearson

Valerie and Robert Peebles

Roberta Sherman

Michelle and Gerry Smith

Tricia and Zack Stenger

Pat Stull

Melina and James Taylor

Lorenzo Trefethen

Hailey Trefethen

Delia Viader

Joan and Sandy Weill

Heather and Jerry Werner

Mahvash and Farrok Yazdi

Janice and Jonathan Zakin

Gifts of $5,000 and above

Jennifer Sheahan and Roger Amdur

Diana Bersohn

Julie Coplon

Houshang Dadgostar

Lou Dunn Diekemper

Martha and Ron Doornick

Becky and Tommy Drake

Valerie Evans

Julie and Greg Flynn

Lehn and Richard Goetz

Gerold Grodsky

Lisa and John Grotts

Ethan Hare

Kimberly and Dan Johnson

Susan and Robert Kresek

Teri and Ron Kuhn

Janet Lamkin

Dayna Manning

Kristin Mensonides

Paula Murphy

Napa Valley Community Foundation

The Hon. Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Paul Pelosi

Cindy and Howard Rachofsky

Karen and Rick Walker

Monica and David Walsh


Reflects gifts and grants received or pledged since October 1, 2016, as well as 2016 Festival Napa Valley auction contributions.


Annual Fund Donors

Grand Cru

Pepper and Michael Jackson

Deborah and Kenneth Novack

Del Sole Society

Alice Corning

Kay and Steven Fike

Anita and Ron Wornick

Leadership Council


Be Here Farm + Nature

Aey Phanachet and Roger Evans

Lehn and Richard Goetz

Lisa and John Grotts

Valerie and Robert Peebles


Reflects gifts and grants received or pledged since October 1, 2016, as well as 2016 Festival Napa Valley auction contributions.


Friends of the Festival

Gifts of $2,500 and above

Susan and Steve Adamson

Goli Ameri

Jason Forest and Brian Baker

Laurie and Bill Benenson

Sheila Davis

Kristin Felton

FIMI Group

Gaby and Mazi Ghorbani

Barbara Johnson

Choongja and Stephen Kahng

Melinda Kearney

James Kreissman

Jeanne Lawrence

Betsy Linder

Monica Mazzei

Marvin Moran

Dana Johnson and Mark Nelson

Molly Owen and Felipe Recalde

Joanne and Paul Schweibinz

Gail and J. Paul Silvestri

Kathy Simpson

Arvind and Beverly Sodhani

Kristin Sorensen and Danny Tran

Sara Steingart

James Ukropina and Margaret Duckhorn-Ukropina

Laura and Peter VanCamp

Sheila and Clint Walker

Damian Wasserbauer

Gifts of $1,000 and above

Sonbol and Mansour Aliabadi

Ellie Anest

Cyan Banister

Azralita and Suresh Beharry

Judy Boyle

Romana and John Bracco

Jennifer and Eric Brown

Marj and Thomas Callinan

Simi and Barry Chehrazi

Jenni Yoong Lee and Jae Chun

Alison and Richard Crowell

Olivia Hsu Decker

Rich and Leslie Frank

Melissa Smith and Robert Hill

Michelle Hollander

Daru Hinch Kawalkowski and Alton Irby

Sandra Jordan

Tyler Kyle-Lede and Cliff Lede

Jennifer and Ed Lee

Karen LeFrak

Melanie and Pascal Levensohn

Karen and Larry Maguire

Elaine Mellis

Patricia Moskowite

Azin Parhizgar

Brenda and Alfredo Pedroza

Melissa and Youli Petkov

Maria Rose Pollara

Sara and Monty Preiser

Suraj Rajwani

Wendy and Steve Raphel

Charles Rashall

Patricia and Fred Roberts

Lily and Mark Samii

Sandra and Gary Schnitzer

Martha and Gus Spanos

Angelika and Nurik Sultan

Darian and Rick Swig

Katherine Teree

Mike Thompson

Barbara and Tony Tonso

Verve Label Group

Patricia and George Yellich

Diana and Todd Zapolski

Gifts of $500 and above

Geoff Callan

Mike Casey

Mary and Bill Dodd

Jill and Peter Krimmel

Louise and Chris Lischewski

Heidi Gregory and Andrew O'Dell

Shannon and Shawn O'Neil

Brenda Tolbert

Dayna van Kleeck

Gifts of $100 and above

Perizat Abildayeva

Corrine Fitzpatrick

Tom Frank

Olga Minkovich

Paul Renne

Connie and James Shapiro

Raymond Thornson


Reflects gifts and grants received or pledged since October 1, 2016, as well as 2016 Festival Napa Valley auction contributions.