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Sabrina Weyeneth Persson

Sabrina Weyeneth Persson

Sabrina and Tim Persson

Sabrina Weyeneth Persson is an Oxford educated, San Francisco trained and licensed psychotherapist specializing in anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and relationship issues.   

Swiss born and London-raised, Sabrina and her husband Tim moved to Northern California in 2012, where they are proprietors of The Hess Collection, one of the premier family-owned and family-led companies in Napa Valley.  As the daughter of Ursula and Donald Hess, she has played a key role in navigating the generational transition of the Hess Family business, and serves as protector of the Hess Foundation Trust.  

Sabrina provides counseling to adults and older teens with a clientele from around the world. She also teaches online courses and is the Founder of Binge Free.

Sabrina joined the Board of Directors of Festival Napa Valley in 2016, and serves on the Nominating Committee.