Tuesday, July 16  |  12:00PM

Vintner's Luncheon at Rombauer Vineyards

The magical underground caves of Rombauer Vineyards will be the site of today’s Vintner's Luncheon. Hosted by second-generation family member KR Rombauer, the event will begin with a stroll through Rombauer’s picturesque hillside garden, which features over 100 species of plants and whimsical works of art from the collection of Koerner Rombauer. Wine glasses in hand, guests will meander through Rombauer’s network of caves where the winery’s aromatic barreled-down vintages are stored. There they will be treated to a feast prepared by Calistoga Inn & Restaurant, featuring seasonal and farm-fresh foods paired with Rombauer’s critically-acclaimed wines. Selections will include wines from Rombauer’s Classic, Single Vineyard and Proprietor Selection Reserve portfolios as well as library wines. This is a rare opportunity to experience Rombauer Vineyards’ legendary hospitality and to share in the winery’s Joy of Wine.

Vintner's Luncheon Series presented by Pomellato


Rombauer Vineyards

The Rombauer philosophy hasn’t changed since its founding in 1980: they believe in doing everything in their power to produce the best wines possible. With just three head winemakers in the company's 39-year history, Rombauer has achieved consistency of style — distinctive, fruit-driven wines — while continually refining and improving its winemaking practices. Richie Allen, Rombauer's Director of Viticulture and Winemaking, embraces traditional and cutting-edge practices in the vineyard and cellar to make certain each wine gets the customized attention it needs.

Rombauer Vineyards